The difference is found in the commitment - even in the portfolio


Financial planning is an action that helps us achieve our goals and dreams. But what is the first step for those who want to organize their finances? It's commitment.

Yes, you have to decide if you really want to commit to the path you plan to take. Commitment is the act of doing what you set out to do. A person committed to something will always strive to honor his commitments. It is the congruence between attitudes, behaviors and words. Responsibility is directly linked to commitment, that is, an irresponsible person is unlikely to commit to his tasks.

It is also from the commitment that we start saying "no" to a number of things and we start to plan our actions and habits in a more effective way and that really makes sense considering our objective. Being committed to work, for example, is much more than fulfilling your workload and carrying out your activities. It is about being truly involved, being active and participative with the projects, taking actions that help to achieve the company's goals and macro objectives. It means taking a favorable posture and attitude towards the growth of the company, proposing possibilities for improvement and increased results.

On several issues such as finance, we forget to take this issue so seriously, as it seems to us that finance and commitment have nothing to do, but be discouraged. If you want to lose weight, you will have to commit to improving your diet and practicing physical exercise. Likewise, if you want to be more comfortable financially, you will have to commit to reducing your daily expenses, especially superfluous ones, and organizing your accounts so that your money exceeds your expenses.

The lack of commitment generates waste of time, work and consumes much more resources than necessary, not to mention that the final result may not be exactly as expected.

In conclusion, there is no success without commitment. This requires a purpose, a clear and strong objective. You just have to commit to that goal, and take the first step. Have the courage to do it to have the happiness to conquer. Be Bold. Life is now.

Igor Brito